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Pure APK Premium Blogger Template Free Download 2024

Pure APK Premium Blogger Template Free Download 2024. The plan to build an app sharing website is a very good plan. Millions of people visit all site.
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 For you my dear blogger friends I have brought a new free premium blogger template. whose name is Pure APK  Blogger Template. With this blogger template you can build a app sharing website. If you are also looking to create an app sharing website and looking for a template for that, I have brought it for you for free.

Pure APK  Premium Blogger Template Free Download

(Pure APK Premium Blogger Template Free Download 2024) The plan to build an app sharing website is a very good plan. Millions of people are searching on google daily to download apps through which you can get more traffic and also earn good income from it. If you are also planning to make a similar website then I have decided to provide Pure APK premium blogger template here for you for free.

100% responsive design

It has been said to make a website with an app, but you must know for that. How much does a responsive template design require but your needs are easily fulfilled by this Blogger template. Because it is done with 100% responsive design. You can find everything in this template that will make your website open very quickly and respond quickly even when users give some queries.

Fast loading 

In order to complete SEO on your website, your website must open quickly. Also, if it is not opened soon, most of the users will leave in the middle, due to which you will suffer a loss. That's why your website should open quickly and quickly, and other responses should also be given quickly. 

This all depends on the theme or template of a website. So before you apply any design on your website it is very important to check how fast it opens. But this blogger template will make your website load very fast because it is designed in the same way and the codes used in it are built with amp.


You get a new feature in it called Slider. If you put thumbnails of any new game or app, you can also put photos. This makes it easy for viewers to recognize apps and makes your website very attractive. You can also customize it in your own way by adding any photos you want to display without choosing it yourself. By going inside the layout, you can display any photo you want in it with up to four photos on a large slider.

SEO Optimized

In order for a website to rank in Google, your website needs to be SEO Optimize. If your website is not SEO Optimized then it will be difficult to rank your website in Google. You will find that feature in the template. If you check speed and seu it will show 99 percent which is very good.

social sharing

If you want to bring users to your website as well as social media and also want to grow your social media, then you can do it through the website. You can also link your social media accounts here to prompt users to unfollow them.


One of the features I like the most is the related app. In this, if any new person is downloading an app then it will show the corresponding app at the bottom. For example, if I try to download Instagram, it will suggest Facebook and other social media below, so that if any person is downloading a related app and also finds a new one, he can download it. Because of that, it helps us a lot, including them.

Feature of Pure APK Premium Blogger Template

  • 100% Responsive Design ✅
  • Breadcrumbs✅
  • Fast Loaded✅
  • Slider✅
  • SEO Optimized✅
  • Social Share✅
  • Related Posts✅

Field of action

You can use this blogger premium template only for building apps and other gaming websites as it is designed accordingly. So it is built only for designing an app website like play store. It cannot be used for anything else.

Demo & Download 

You can download it along with its demo from the link given below. If you face any problem while downloading or leave a comment below.

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