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Lentro UI v1.5 Premium Blogger Template Free Download 2024

Lentro UI v1.5 Premium Blogger Template Free Download is a Blogger Premium Template with very attractive and beautiful texture.
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 Dear blogger friends today I bring you a new blogger's premium template. Whose name is Planto. I have given you the premium version of Lantro Ul v1.5 here below. Through which you can able to download Lentro UI v1.5 premium Blogger template free.

Lentro UI v1.5 Premium Blogger Template Free Downloaded

Lantro UI v1.5 (Premium Blogger Template Free Download) is a Blogger Premium Template with very attractive and beautiful texture. Due to its features, it has become very popular and popular among many bloggers, we can see that almost all bloggers use it. By using it you can make your website attractive very stylish, mobile friendly, seo friendly.

SEO friendly

Your website will be completely SEO friendly. If you use it because it was designed to be SEO friendly. You will get 100% SEO friendly on your website if you go to Google Search Console and check it will give a table of 95 to 100.


While you are customizing your website, 95 percent of it can be customized from the layout itself, and the rest you can customize in the html edit. Dear blogger friends, you must know. While customizing a blog it is very difficult to adapt from the layout but by using this template you can easily customize from within. So that you don't need much coding knowledge and you can easily make any changes to your website.

Mobile friendly

According to google it is very important that your website is mobile friendly. Because 80 percent of the population searches on Google through mobile. So your website needs to be mobile friendly. Mobile friendly means making your website easy for users to use without any problems when using it on mobile. So that requirement is easily fulfilled by using this template. And all the users who come to your website come from mobile phones without any problem.

Real Time View and Comments

 View You will find a different feature in it which is Real Time View. If someone enters your article composition, it shows in real time view. It shows the shape of a small eye above it. As many times as the user clicks on it and visits it, its number also increases. This gives new visitors to your website a new experience as well as information on how many people have viewed it. That makes your website look very classy and modernized.

Book mark post

This is the feature that I like the most about this blogger template. So if someone skips your article while reading it, they can use it to find out what they read. By the use of the article we read is accumulated on the composition. If we want to read again later, we can easily recognize which one has been read by using it. So that the user gets what they need on time and doesn't have to go in and search a lot.

This helps in enhancing the user experience of the user and also gives your website a very good design.

Features of Lantro Ul v1.5 premium Blogger

  • Fully Responsive.✅
  • Multiple colors.✅
  • Mobile Friendly.✅
  • SEO Friendly.✅
  • Optimized for search engines.✅
  • Shortcode Support.✅
  • Auto Read More With Thumbnail.✅
  • Responsive Footer.✅
  • The social media follow button.✅
  • Multi Drop Down.✅
  • Related Posts With Thumbnail.✅
  • Detailed Documentation.✅
  • Back to the Top Button.✅
  • The Best Layout and Menu for✅ Responsivity.✅
  • SchemaMarkup.✅
  • Menu Navigation.✅
  • Anti Ad-Blocker.✅
  • Music Player.✅
  • System Default Mode.✅
  • Bookmark Posts.✅
  • Landing Page and ✅.
  • Safelink.✅

Its field of application

You can use Lantro Ul v1.5 premium Blogger template in news, tech, education and many other fields. If you are opening a related website then using this template will give you a great design. Because it is designed to be used accordingly. And the user coming to your website will not have to face any problems like difficulty in finding articles, your website getting crashed, various types of advertisements etc.

Demo & Download

You can also view it as a demo and download its premium version from the link given below. You can easily download without facing any such problem while downloading. In the coming days too, if you like to read our articles, you can follow us on Instagram through the link given above.

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